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Character and balance are the hallmarks of cigars developed by Didier Houvenaghel .


It is the character, the personality of a particular blend that makes its tasting distinctive. Every brand is different. Besides the obvious things they have in common, each has its own particular taste and aromatic profile, together with the brand, colours and symbols that make it stand out from the rest. 


It is the balance in the roundness of the blend that makes the experience complete. Taste and aromatic balance are rare attributes in cigars. There may be many good cigars available but only a very few – even those constructed with good individual leaves – that demonstrate a fine overall balance.


The perfect ratio between quality and price is also a constant with dh Boutique Cigars. Although the price point is intended to motivate the end-consumer, it has been putting price into the context of quality and the smoking experience that has helped to create long-term loyalty for dh Boutique Cigars.

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