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La Gloria Cubana

La Gloria Cubana Cigars & Tobacco

La Gloria Cubana (The Glory of Cuba) is classified as medium-bodied and was created in 1885 by a company in Havana called Sociedad Casañas y Castro.

It changed hands in 1905 when the brand was bought by an entrepreneur named José Fernández Rocha whose company, J. F. Rocha S.A., had just founded Bolivar.

Señor Rocha died in 1944 and ten years later, after his descendants had failed to make a go of the business, it was sold to Cifuentes y Cía, which owned Partagas. La Gloria Cubana has been part of the Partagas family, so to speak, ever since 1954.

There is an element of mystery about the brand’s logo. It has always stated “La Gloria Cubana de C.E.G.” and yet no company or person known to have been associated with the brand fits those initials. Consequently, Habanos S.A. decided to change them to the readily understandable “L.G.C.”, which was seen for the first time on the box of UK’s 2008 UK Regional Edition the Glorioso.

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