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Romeo y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill Cigar - Box of 25

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Sherry casks, cedar, mahogany, cigar box

Whisky, by definition, is a grain spirit aged in oak casks - and it is the influence of this wood that produces they greatest variation of flavour. Different species of oak result in different flavours, while the previous contents of the cask has a major impact on the style of the resulting Scotch. A whisky may spend anything from three years to thirty years in wood - in some extreme cases even longer than that. Yet there are only certain cases where the resulting spirit can be said to ‘taste of wood’.

The most obvious example is when the whisky has been aged for an exceptionally long time. Conventional whisky wisdom claims that any period of ageing beyond about 25 years is wasted or even detrimental, because the spirit begins to taste more like the wood it is stored in than anything else. As a result, subtleties of flavour built up over years of maturation will be lost as the wood takes over. A certain amount of woody flavours may be desirable, however, not least because it implies that a whisky has spent a considerable amount of time ageing and has likely reached the peak of its complexity. For this reason, single malts over 25 years of age are relatively scarce (not to mention expensive), but often in high demand.

The wood of the cask imparts tannins to the spirit inside: tannins are a compound that produce a dry or astringent flavour, as found in red wine, unripened fruit, black tea…and heavily oak-influenced whisky. This means the flavours in question may be found in whisky aged in wine-influenced casks, such as those which have previously held sherry, port or red wine, as opposed to bourbon; therefore it is not always necessary for a whisky to have been aged for a very long time in order for woody flavours to be apparent. Notes of mahogany, cigar box cedar-wood or varnish are relatively common among the more savoury styles of single malt, such as complex Speysides or some Islay whiskies.

Wood is also a common flavour in many cigars, which can be expected to pair well with a woody whisky: Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo are both excellent examples, while Fonseca and Diplomaticos are good choices among the lesser known brands.

Flavour: Medium to Full
Length: 4"
Ring Gauge: 50
Packaging: Box of 25

The latest edition to the churchill family has arrived!read more

Product Info

Flavour: Medium to Full
Length: 4"
Ring Gauge: 50
Packaging: Box of 25

The latest edition to the churchill family has arrived!

The Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill joins the Short Churchill (introduced in 2006) and Wide Churchill (2010) in the extended range that bear the name of arguably the most iconic cigar smoker of them all - Sir Winston Churchill. Originally used to describe the marque's most famous size, the R&J Churchill (7" x 47), the Petit Churchill reflects the modern day trend for shorter, stout cigars that can be enjoyed during brief alfresco smoking breaks.

The Petit Churchill is only the second "Petit Robusto" size (4" x 50) to be introduced into the standard Habanos range (Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto was the first in 2004) and like the other vitolas in the range, use only the finest tobacco from teh Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba to create the mellow, distinctive, medium bodied Romeo y Julieta aromas.

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