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Kilchoman Small Batch no.4 - UK Exclusive bottling

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Smoke, barbecue, medicine, farmyard aromas

By far the most polarising of all whisky flavours - and in some ways, that most distinctive of Scotch whisky. Peat is a type of fossil fuel, halfway between soil and coal, which produces a very aromatic smoke as it burns, and is widespread in the Scottish Highlands and islands. It has long been used to dry out malted barley in preparation for making whisky…and the aroma of the smoke lingers throughout the whole distillation process and the subsequent years of maturation.

The resulting flavour is often described as “medicinal” - associated with disinfectants such as TCP, especially by its detractors. Those who enjoy the flavour may be more likely to compare it to the scent of a barbecue, or a welcoming fireplace on a cold winter night.

Peat is almost universally associated with the Islay region - although some Islay whiskies have no peat, while many non-Islay whiskies do. As the flavour derives from the malted barley rather than the cask, it is generally more upfront in younger whiskies than in older expressions, where the cask has had more time to influence the overall style - this is why most Islay whiskies, renowned for their peaty flavours, are bottled at 10 or 12 years with relatively little spirit kept for older ages (Lagavulin is a notable exception). The most notorious of peaty whiskies is probably Laphroaig, while the crown of the “world’s peatiest whisky” is held by Bruichladdich’s Octomore series. At the other end of the scale, those flavours produced by relatively light peating levels are described by the earth flavour tag.

Because of the distinctiveness and the sheer intensity of peaty flavours, they can be difficult to pair with cigars: generally, the fuller-flavoured the cigar, the more likely it is to complement an intensely peaty whisky. In this sense, Bolivar, Partagas and certain Cohibas are safe choices. You may like to experiment a little more and try other cigars that are marked by flavours of leather, pepper or toast, however.

Kilchoman Small Batch no.4 - 70cl, 49.8% abv - UK Exclusive bottling

Kilchman's Small Batch releases represent the experimental...read more

Tasting Notes

This Small Batch Vatting, exclusively produced for the UK market, combines spirit aged in 3 types of cask, before bottling at 49.8% abv.

Cask makeup for Small Batck No.4:
70% Bourbon cask matured
5% Sherry cask matured
25% STR red wine barrique

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Citrus sweetness leading to red berries, baking spices and waves of peat smoke with herbal accents.

Taste: Summer fruits and red grapes, white chocolate, light smokiness, caramalised pineapple and cinder toffee.

Finish: Long, lingering and smoky

Product Info

Kilchoman Small Batch no.4 - 70cl, 49.8% abv - UK Exclusive bottling

Kilchman's Small Batch releases represent the experimental side of the distillery!

Bottled without colouring or chill-filtration the whisky retains the natural character of both Kilchoman and the particular casks in which it was matured and married together, after years of aging in their Islay warehouses...

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