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Cuatro Cinco Edicion Asia

Cuatro Cinco Edicion Asia


Ladies and gentlemen, cigar and whisky lovers welcome back and to a New Year of some great cigar and whisky reviews.

I really wanted to start off if something a little more special this year and I had personally read that as a new year’s resolution to stop hoarding cigars for a rainy day and think I will smoke that one of a special occasion. So, I took the advice and went to my humidor and knew which one was going to get smoked as I had put it off repeatedly, thinking not today.

So now in my hand cut and ready to smoke is the Joya de Nicaragua, limited release Cuatro Cinco Edicion Asia!

This little treat has a 60 gauge and only 4 ¾ inch long, so I know it will be a slow burn but with plenty of flavour. I personally find having a wider gauge makes me smoke slower when I cut the end with a V cut. Wider lite end, smaller hole to draw from, meaning I don’t draw on the cigar as much as I would normally, long winded to go into full detail but Science and Math come into play there I’m sure.

So, what is so special about this cigar? Well, the Asia containing the same unique and exceptional blend as the Cuatro Cinco Reserva Especial - a selection of barrel-aged Grade A fillers and a beautiful silky shade-grown criollo wrapper from the legendary Jalapa valley. Distinct from the Limited Edition, it also incorporates a carefully selected volado dominican binder.

And onto the bit you have all been reading for….

One the first draw and first part of the burn there are notes I pick up for zest of citrus, my mind takes me to marmalade. Certainly, a more current memory as I consumed a good amount of marmalade & whisky glazed ham over the festive period. Oh, which reminds me if you want a brilliant whisky to pair with this smoke, I recommend trying Robert Graham Treasurer's Selection Bruichladdich 2004, if you read the tasting notes on that you will see why. Along with the zest I pick up hints of spice and a very slight touch of chocolate, very classic note to pick up.

The second part of the cigar has taken me a good 20 minutes to get to so as I mentioned a nice long smoke despite the size. There is now a developing note of brown sugar or treacle, very crazy as the cigar its self is not sweet, but the taste buds are shouting at me “we are getting sweet flavours” while my head is going “ok shhh now”. It truly is amazing how different areas where the plant is grown, the soil and how the leaves are looked after before rolling can make such a big difference in each cigar.

And into the last part of nub of the cigar. The Asia has surprised me every step/puff of the way. I am now getting a nice taste of gingerbread spice, which id guess is the brown sugar note mixed with ginger. It was a very quick taste but for a moment it felt like I had bitten into a gingerbread biscuit.

It has taken me just over an hour to smoke this and my ending thoughts on this cigar? I’m buying another! Simple as that. Why I waited so long to smoke it I have no idea, all I know is it was worth every second smoking this great stick.

So my advice to you is if you have that one cigar that has been sitting, looking at you every time you go to grab a smoke. Pick it up and smoke it, that rainy day can wait.

Until next time folks, Happy smoking and I will catch you next time.


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