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FAIR Verona.

FAIR Verona.


FAIR Verona.

A far cry from a dreach Wednesday afternoon in Edinburgh, you might, quite fairly, observe.

But here we are nonetheless, getting all Shakespearian about laying our hands on the latest Habanos release to hit these shores.

The Romeo y Julieta Capuletos is another big, dark, bold bugger to wear the shroud of aged tobacco that marks it out for Cuba’s distinguished Edicion Limitada range.

Made with tobacco aged for at least two years – hell, we remember when that was standard practice for all Havana cigars! – these sticks are made in unusual sizes in specific markets each year.

The Capuletos is the reason for us coming over all literary – and to add to the melodrama, we’ve bunged on Prokofiev’s Montagues and Capulets (you’ll recognise it as soon as you hear it).

You don’t have to be a bard or wear a codpiece though to enjoy this slice of romance.

Thank goodness.

The cigar starts lyrically enough, warming up the audience before deepening down into a tale of ribaldry, passion and dark undertones.

It’s stronger than the usual Romeo stable; indeed by the end, it is storming along with a rumble.

To torture the Shakespeare analogy even further, you hopefully won’t feel like topping yourself at the end of it, but you will know you’ve had one hell of a smoke.

Edicion Limitadas, aged though they might be, still have their similarities to other Cuban cigars; on many occasions they improve with age even further.

You might be wise to let them rest a while, like a shallow-breathing Juliet, until the flavours marry and the newly-rolled leaves have had time to meld.

We reckon sticking a box of these out of sight at the back of the humidor for a year might well produce some surprising results and it’s something we’re going to try.

Well, it beats pretending to be a girl and exiting stage left, chased by a bear, doesn’t it?


Have you any literary cigar collaborations that work?

Read Che Guevara with a smouldering Bolivar?

Enjoy a Connecticut shade with your pulp fiction Western?

We’d love to know.

Drop us a line at and the best will get a stick of our choice for their troubles.

Now grab your lute and get practicing.

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