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Honour thy Father

Honour thy Father


Ask anyone I have taken into a humidor, whether it be customer or colleague: one thing guaranteed to come up is how much I love a Maduro wrapper on my cigar. Hearty, deep, rich flavours that tease the taste buds with earthy, woody notes, along with strong coffee and bitter chocolate for good measure.

And the Jewel in my Humidor is just that – “The Jewel”, or Le Bijou. This fantastic stick is an extension of the “My Father” cigar range, blended by Don Jose Pepin Garcia in honour of his father. The My Father Le Bijou 1922 (that’s the year Pepin’s Father was born) is my ultimate cigar to end any perfect evening. Its wrapper is a Maduro Maduro, or what is called an Oscuro. Almost black in colour, it is rich and full, offering a wide array of flavours including chocolate, coffee, woodiness, and leather.

Pepin, born in Cuba, rolls his cigar in a Cuban style, but uses Nicaraguan blends to get the taste he desires. Known for their medium to full bodied strength, it’s not one I would recommend to beginners, as they pack quite the punch. I say this with a big smile, as I tried one myself as a beginner many moons ago. The cigar lovers out there reading this can laugh at my expense, as I decided to have it before lunch on an empty stomach. Think we can all say this was unwise. But coming back to this at a later date it is now certainly one of my all-time favourites. And I do believe it’s not just me, as the Le Bijou was ranked No. 1 in 25 top cigars of 2015.

It’s not just this brand I’d recommend trying, as Pepin and the Garcia family have blended and created 19 different brands as part of the “My Father” company.

Here at Robert Graham we have a number of this range for you to choose from, including the My Father No.1 which was blended by Pepin’s son, Jamie Garcia. Its wrapper is a hybrid of Ecuadorian Rosado/Criollo leaf. If you’re interested in more detail on wrappers, Simon has written a blog earlier in the year that can be found here.

What would I recommend to have in your other hand while enjoying the Le Bijou? Personally I’d go for a Deanston Virgin Oak Cask. When joined together they share a creamy-coffee layer with earthy and nutty components coming to the forefront, balanced with cider toffee and deep chocolate. For a truly well-appointed smoke, this pairing will not disappoint.


~ Iain, Cambridge store

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