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It's All About Aberfeldy

It's All About Aberfeldy


The Distillery

Just three miles from the birth place of founder John Dewar lies Scotland's most exciting and innovative Scotch whisky distillery and brand home. Aberfeldy is the core malt of the Dewar’s blends, having been built by John Dewar and Sons to provide them with a dependable supply of high quality malt whisky, and today the distillery hosts the “Dewar’s World of Whisky” visitor centre as the “spiritual home” of the popular blend.

Aberfeldy sits on the south bank of the river Tay and is the only distillery to take its water from the Pitilie Burn - "prized locally for its purity and rich deposits of gold and minerals" Since 1898 it's stills have produced the beautifully balanced single malt at the heart of Dewar’s Scotch. Its rich and sweet honeyed style has been key to the success of Dewar’s, but Aberfeldy is now developing a name for itself as a single malt in its own right: its distinctive dumpy bottle, previously with a red squirrel on the label, is a common sight on whisky shop shelves and enjoys a core following.

After being bought up by Bacardi in 1998, a century after production first began at the distillery, more attention has been drawn to Dewar's White Label (of which Aberfeldy is the cheif ingredient).This, along with some auspicious promoting, has helped The John Dewar & Sons Whisky Emporium gain huge worldwide recognition and go onto win several prestigious awards.

In fact, it is now one of the most awarded whisky portfolios in the world.


Aberfeldy 12 Year Old (70cl, 40%)

The classic 12 Year Old Aberfeldy single malt Scotch whisky is distilled in the Highlands. While the label sadly no longer features a red squirrel, it now comes with a rather handsome black and rose-gold colour palate to match the rich, malty flavour profile.

Honey and lots of it, not overly sweet as the honey is balanced with a touch of spice and citrus fruit, a real easy drinker.


 Aberfeldy 16 Year Old (70cl, 40%)

This 16 year old single malt from the fantastic Aberfeldy distillery was unveiled in the latter half of 2015 as part of the Last Great Malts series. This expression is finished in Oloroso Sherry casks, imparting juicy sweetness to the whisky.

A much richer dram. Dried fruits and a touch of Christmas cake spices, butterscotch and apple strudel round off this very tasty highlander.

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