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La Gloria Cubana Británicas Extra UK regional 2017

La Gloria Cubana Británicas Extra UK regional 2017


Ladies and gentlemen, cigar and whisky lovers, welcome back to the Sunday journals. Where I review and talk to you about some of the most fantastic sticks, we have in our stores which will all be reopening on the 29th June to you our most excellent customers. And of course, available on our website.

Feels great to be back and what I have in store for you today is going to be a whopper of a cigar and why not come back with a tasty cigar that not only do I enjoy but you will too.

During the lockdown of COVID-19 this little number was released to the public and personally did not get the launch it so rightly deserved. And that cigar my friends is the La Gloria Cubana Británicas Extra UK Regional 2017 a Cuban cigar brand I have not seen many of over the years, but when I do, they never disappoint, so sampling this today is a treat in its self to share with you.

So who is La Gloria Cubana? Well there is not much known about this little known gem amongst the Habano brands, however La Gloria has enjoyed a long history in the cigar growing and rolls industry. Founded in 1885, the name alone clearly defines its origin. And has attracted some loyal followers amongst the most knowledgeable cigar smokers. And as you can see the brand is characterized by its elegant presentation.

The blend which is used in this cigar has its filler and binder leaf’s grown in the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba where the finest cigar tobacco is grown in all of the world. And is classified as medium in flavour and offers well-balanced nuances of taste and aroma.  

Right what does this Regional edition from 2017 have to offer us? I’ve used my trusty V cut today, something that never leaves my side and is always the first thing to go into my pocket before leaving the house because you never know when you need to stop life and have a cigar.

On the dry draw before lighting up there is a gentle mineral taste, along with notes of leather a nice traditional start to any fine Cuban cigar.

Lighting up, I’m feeling classic today so I’m going with matches and must be getting good at this as only took me two matches this time around. But my views on the first third are more along the lines of medium to full in strength, this might be down to not eating, and I always recommend eating before a heavier cigar. Yes, I know practice what I preach. The classic line “do as I say, don’t do as I do” comes to mind. The Britanicas Extra has certainly got that leathery note that I picked up in the dry draw an element of sweetness that also comes through.

Into the second third and the cigar has now softened off in strength down to a nice medium roundness. And that sweetness I mentioned in the first third is a definite butterscotch which is not too strong in taste but it is there and has sat nicely on the taste buds.

And finally into the last third of the cigar and wow is it nice. I can see why they have only released 6000 boxes. A great cigar but when they are gone they are gone. The butterscotch and minerals mixed with a touch of salt, reminds me of the Scotch tablet. Taking me back a year ago when we celebrated our 145th anniversary at the Broomhall estate. A nice quiet morning with a coffee and a cigar and all coffee in Scotland I was given Scotch tablet.

To round it all up in a big Cuban bow. A brilliant regional cigar you simply have to try for yourself and you can pick yours here.

That’s all for today folks. Take care, stay safe, and as always happy smoking.


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