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Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine


As the bitter gales of winter’s chill begin to soften, and the glowing embers in the hearths and log fires of our homes lessen, our interests begin to meander and venture outside the confines of our cosy dwellings.  We seek to revitalise our being with sun beams and evening breezes.   Even the clocks take a break from the dark days and set themselves back in a bid to catch more rays.  But cowering behind the optimism of seasonal change, longer days, brighter evenings and higher temperatures, lurks a deadening, dangerous question…..”How can I enjoy this Islay malt in the blistering heat!”?

No sooner had our hearts warmed to the familiar comfort of sipping a malt in a winter’s nest, away from the unforgiving elements, than the Spring & Summer months subtly began planting the seed of doubt in our minds; leading to that crippling thought….”Whisky may not be the drink for every season”. 

So I ask you!, should we relinquish our tulip nosing glasses in favour of cold frothy pints of chilled lager, ice filled glasses overflowing with fizzing cider, or even that Anti-Whisky drink, whatever it is, something with a lump of cucumber and rosemary in it I hear?, rhymes with “sin”? 

I believe the correct answer is “no”

No committee of alternatives should garner precedence over our beloved single distillate, no “small batch” whatever or “guest” something should replace the heavily sherried bruiser that’s defended us from the cold touch of Jack Frost!

I believe we should stand our ground and raise a Glencairn glass in unison, celebrating our Malts, in defiance of the summer months. 

Oh wait! I live in Scotland.  There is no summer. Crisis averted.

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