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Partagas Serie D No 6

Partagas Serie D No 6


Here is what our Cambridge team thought about the Partagas Serie D No 6!

Length: 3 ½”
Ring Gauge: 50
Flavour: Full


The Partagas Serie D No 6 (D6) is a clear representation of the Partagas taste profile. Whilst it maintains the D series signature 50 ring gauge, the Partagas No.6 measures in at just 3 ½” (90mm) making the cigar a perfect half an hour smoke. With this, it is important to note that because of the length of the cigar, the D6 does not take you on the usual journey the D5 and D4 take you on.

The D6 I own was aged for an extra 6 months and was from a late 2015 release from the Hunters and Frankau and had a nice plume to it (which is why it was selected for this review). The cutter used was a Xikar Xi2 and lighter, Xikar Enigma. During the smoke, I was drinking a Columbian expresso, Columbian black filter coffee with one brown sugar and chilled water. I specifically chose this coffee based on the Partagas series D taste profile.

My first draw on the Partagas D6 was to say the least slightly overwhelming. For a cigar 3 ½” I am not sure what I was expecting, but, the immediate hit of pepper on the palate caught me off guard. As highlighted this is what makes the D6 a unique cigar compared to the D5 and D4. Both the D5 and D4 feel very much as if they take you on a journey from the leaf to stem of the cigar, the D6 does not. This is by no means a critique of the cigar, but, a potential warning to anyone not expecting the strong flavours you will get on the first draw.

In terms of construction, in typical Partagas fashion I was not disappointed. The draw was very easy, which is what you would expect of a cigar with the ring gauge of 50 and the burn was even bar the first 10% of the cigar, which was a mistake on my behalf. The prove of how good the construction of this D6 was in the ash. I got to a good 75% of the cigar before eventually lightly tapping it off when removing the band. As to be expected from Partagas construction was no issue.

The flavour profile again is typical Partagas. Tobacco with slight hints of expresso and dark chocolate were complimented with my selected coffee of choice. If you are fans of the Partagas blend you will not be disappointed with this cigar. The Peppery start dissipates into the signature flavour profile, but, a more intense version of the D5 and D4. The slightly woody, chocolaty and coffee flavours I associate with a D4, are much more concentrated. Towards your last draws on the D6 the pepper does intensify, much like the other D series. For me this can be slightly overwhelming which is why I generally drink cold water, but, is rewarded with the rich and very raw flavours of the Partagas blend.

Overall this cigar was very enjoyable. The first couple of draws can be slightly overwhelming, but, once settled in are sublime. It is a very powerful cigar and for lovers of Partagas who would like a short treat I would personally pick the D6 over the Partagas shorts, the other 30-minute smoke they offer. The D6 has clearly be designed for the lover of the Serie D, and delivers on that promise. Whilst it has its own unique characteristics and smoke profile, it remains the same blend that many love in the Serie D range

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