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Self-Prescribed Winter Dram

Self-Prescribed Winter Dram


As the autumn leaves dance in the chilling air, and daylight recoils at a faster pace, scarfs are donned and pea coats are buttoned, for summer is no more.

Winter’s chill is upon us, acting like a blank canvas displaying exhibitions of breath. Sniffles and coughs amass in a choral onslaught, rehearsing their seasonal soundtrack against the march of footsteps. The destination? that beloved corner seat of our favourite fire lit pub.

Only there can we redefine our own law of relativity and relinquish our woes with a welcome sigh of comfort and of course a self-prescribed dram.

That first stingy sip of malt upon cracked lips, surprises the palate with a ferocious intensity; scalding, then warming, lulling our senses to a place of comfort; for home is not a place of bricks and mortar, it’s the place where our minds are most at ease.

The crackle of exploding logs upon the open fire, stir the old dogs slumber, a perfect reminder to ignore the sprite of disturbance and that while not every moment in our lives is entirely ours, this one can be.

For winter is a marvellous thing behind its malevolent guise. While it may force our steps and compromise movement, it also encourages retreat to warmer dwellings, a most welcome surrender.

So let us not argue and debate over why our chosen dram is a seasonal must, let’s just enjoy the moment and let the water of life distil warmth upon us.


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