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Specially Selected

Specially Selected


Welcome once again Ladies and gentlemen, Cigar and Whisky lovers to another sunny Sunday afternoon Journal.

Today's cigar was picked by you from our Instagram poll and what a pick you made! I will be covering the Ramon Allones, Specially Selected as chosen by you.

I can not wait to try this great cigar once again, as I have not sampled one in over 2 years. If you managed to catch our Instagram live video where Steve Johnstone and Nick Hammond ‘chew the fat’, they mentioned about going back to cigars you have not tried in some time and it is almost like meeting up with an old friend. Time has passed but all the characteristics are still just as you remember.

As always, I like to give you a bit about what the brand is all about and what makes it stand on its own two legs. Ramon Allones was registered by two brothers Antonio and Ramon Allones as a brand back in 1845. Now the history of Ramon Allones says that the brand has gone through a few different ownerships in the beginning but was then bought in 1927 by the Partagas factory where the Ramon Allones cigars have been hand-made ever since.

There are several different shapes and sizes of Ramon Allones that we have in stock which you can see here on our website for you to sample and enjoy. But today I am holding the Specially selected which is the Robusto size for this brand which was introduced to the family back in 1980.

This is where I would normally rabbit on about what I get on my palate as I go through the cigar but today, I am going to give you the tasting notes of someone with far more knowledge than myself when it comes to cigars and is a personal goal to get to that level of detail at some point in time.

These are the words of Min Ron NEE, one of the most knowledgeable Habano connoisseurs around. “This might be the best Robusto size cigar in current production. Recent productions are no different than those of the old days. The main flavours are exotic nuts, floral, honey sweetness, with subtle exotic herbal flavours as background. All flavours are perfectly balanced. Complexity is as complex as a Havana can possibly be. The only flaw of this cigar might be being too short to last. Good to the last half inch, which has resulted in my fingers being burnt many times”

Perfectly put for the Specially selected and as I said a welcome return to an old face that never lets me down. If you have not had one in a while, I highly recommend that you take the time to revisit. But not just Ramon Allones, it could be any cigar. That one that sticks out in your head, that brings back happy memories. Smoke it again and make more of them.

That is all for today folks. Happy smoking and enjoy revisiting those cigars of the past.




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