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Tomatin. To What Matters...

Tomatin. To What Matters...


The Scottish Highlands.
Full of life.
Full of stories, of open arms and warm welcomes.
Full of hidden depths and of the love of families spanning generations.
Full of what matters.
This is our home.
This is us.
This is our whisky.

Each one a memento of a passion and knowledge that only comes from making whisky over several lifetimes.
Each one a toast to the very landscape in which we live.

To our community bonded by shared purpose and in everything we do.
Quite simply, our whiskies reflect us.

Always have and always will.

Since 1897 there has been a quiet revolution unfolding in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Here patience, a gentle hand and a passion for purity rule the day.

In this idyllic spot the naturally soft water of the Alt-na-Frith burn is introduced to tender Scottish barley. Later, from the tall, slim copper stills of the Tomatin Distillery a mellow, fruity spirit is born. Gentle maturation high above sea level lets the subtle character of our distinctive Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky emerge.

At Tomatin we are more than just another whisky distillery. Since 1897, our people have worked hard to build the Tomatin community that exists today and lies at the heart of everything we do.
We produce quality single malt and blended Scotch whisky in an area of stunning natural beauty which has rich whisky making traditions dating back to the 1500s.


In 2022 on the 8th of June we will be celebrating Tomatin Distillery’s 125th anniversary. To mark this special occasion, we have commissioned Emily Hogarth, an Edinburgh based papercut illustrator, who has visited the distillery and created a unique illustration to commemorate the anniversary.
This is the beautiful design displayed on our Limited Edition 12 year old pack to celebrate the anniversary in 2022.

Included within the artwork throughout are key components which capture the distillery's history; Juniper branches and berries, barley and thistles, each representing different stages in the making of our whisky and the stories behind it.
The swirl of waters running through the artwork represent the important role of water from the Alt na Frith and the resulting golden whisky. Barrels are displayed throughout, one highlighting 1897, the year we were established. Also illustrated is the railway and steam engine that allowed us to expand and some little houses representing the village the distillery created on site. The hogshead at the bottom represents our current logo and its connotations with a highland welcome. The beautiful copper stills and the mountains that surround the distillery are also prominent features.

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