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Tullibardine 1964 - Custodian

Tullibardine 1964 - Custodian


Robert Graham 1874 has now in stock an incredibly special bottling from the Tullibardine distillery: The Tullibardine 1964 from their Custodian collection, the 4th edition to this exceptionally fine collection.

This exclusive limited edition has been produced in three specially selected casks to meticulously craft this 51-year-old single malt. With only 242 bottles available worldwide, this is a perfect addition to any whisky lovers’ collection.

Tullibardine 1964 joins the other exceptional expressions in The Custodians Collection, including the oldest and rarest whisky ever to be released by the distillery, the Tullibardine 1952, the prestigious Tullibardine 1962 and the and the award-winning Tullibardine 1970.

Keith Geddes, Master Blender at Tullibardine, said: “This is truly a very special release for the brand and distillery and something we’ve been looking forward to for years. The Tullibardine 1964 adds to the exclusive Custodian collection of limited and sought-after malts, which are amongst the finest in the world.”

Bottled at a cask strength of 40.4%. The Tullibardine 1964 has the appearance of Burnished Golden Copper.

The Tasting notes on this 4th Edition:

 Nose: Delicate aromas of polished leather armchairs, floral meadows mingle with summer fruit pudding drizzled with fresh cream. Subtle milk chocolate coated almonds and freshly cut pineapple to finish.

Taste: Light and delicate flavours of freshly washed strawberries, hints of espresso and ground nutmeg with milk creamy chocolate orange

Finish: Chocolate orange and a subtle oakiness lingers gently on the tongue to finish.

With the ownership of any bottle from Tullibardine's Custodian Collection, you gain access to 'The Custodians Club', the exclusive membership club of the Tullibardine Distillery.

As a Custodians Club member, you will receive a unique and limited membership card, and access to a special members only area of Tullibardine's website!

Other benefits include:

Free tours of the distillery, with tastings hosted in the dedicated Custodians Lounge.

First refusal on new Custodian Collection releases

Access to the members only section of the Tullibardine website.


You can pick up your bottle of the Tullibardine 1964 Custodian here.

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