The Delicious Future of Flavoured Tobacco

Due to new laws, as of May there will be NO MORE flavoured loose tobacco! – but don’t panic, we have a solution!

We still believe that you should have tobacco flavoured just the way you like it.

From sweet cherry to exotic coconut, these flavours may have been your regular purchase or a little taste of something new.

The products themselves may be gone but the flavours are not!  

Say hello to The Original Tobacco Flavour Co.

These clever little spay bottles of concentrated sent will allow you to flavour your standard Gold, Medium and Dark loose tobacco just how you like it!

The bottles are £4.99 from Robert Graham and come in the following flavours: 


Cherry Vanilla
Black Cherry 


To flavour, we suggest laying your tobacco out on a flat surface, spraying as desired and then leaving for a few minutes to absorb your chosen sent. 

These bottles of delicious flavour are very concentrated so you only need 1 – 2 sprays per 30gs of loose tobacco. 

However, as you are now the MASTER of your smoke, you can make it as flavoured as you like and with any combination you fancy!


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